Safe Holiday

If COVID-19 has not yet completely left us, we are sure we can guarantee you a completely safe stay: indeed, we hope to make you (almost) forget the emergency.

Our hotel and our staff are ready to welcome you according to all the rules required by law.


We have organized check-in and check-out times in order to avoid any gatherings.

All keys are regularly disinfected upon departure, and we ask you to keep them with you during your stay.

The reception area is disinfected twice a day with medical and surgical products only, as indicated by the protocols of the Italian Health Ministry.

All common areas are abundantly ventilated throughout the day.


The hotel has a large outdoor veranda to allow you to dine in complete safety.

We have provided disposable menus, and we disinfect all objects that could be used by different guests (cruets, salt shakers, bread containers, etc.).

The washing of dishes and cutlery is carried out with strict adherence to health protocols.

The rooms

The rooms are cleaned daily with HACCP-compliant products, in addition to the sanitizing of the whole room, including fabrics (curtains and bedspreads) at each departure.

The washing of linen is managed by a specialized and certified company.

However, you may prefer to change sheets and towels when it is necessary for you, not forgetting that the environment is already suffering enormously from the secondary effects of the pandemic.

Swimming pool

The size of the swimming pool, with freshly chlorinated water, allows guests to swim in complete safety.

Items such as deck chairs and tables are sanitized daily.

The staff

All our staff have been adequately trained and equipped to guarantee you a safe stay.

The masks supplied to each of us will not extinguish our smiles, you can see them in our eyes!