Sport and activities

Wild and luxuriant, the island of Sant’Antioco is the ideal destination for lovers of outdoor sports.

Whether you are on the mainland or at sea, whether on foot, bicycle, boat or horseback, you will find an unspoiled corner that amazes you.

The best activity - at no cost

The most obvious advantage of choosing a hotel like ours?

As soon as you walk out the entrance, you will be on paths immersed in nature, away from all traffic.

Whether it is for a few minutes or a few hours, our staff will be happy to recommend the best local routes for practising sports (jogging, hiking, etc) or for regenerating walks where all roads lead… to the sea.

Activities in the surroundings

To enjoy wonderful experiences on our island, rely on our professional advice. Our reception staff will be able to advise you on the most suitable activity for you and make reservations directly at the hotel!

Hiking and excursions

Pietro Marroccu, tour guide, graduated in Tourism Sciences,
will accompany you to discover the most beautiful natural sights our area has to offer: from hiking along the nearby Mangiabarche cliffs to reach Cala Lunga, up to the opposite, wild side of the island, to make an excursion to the historic centre of Sant’Antioco.

Crossing the isthmus, Pietro will be able to show you the cliffs near Porto Flavia and the wonderful sea stack of Pan di Zucchero.


The Sa Barra Windsurfing Club is the reference point for water sports in south-west Sardinia.

The certified instructors (FIV and IKO) will make your experience unforgettable.

Whether you want to enjoy the Mistral wind on a windsurf, a kitesurf or a wingfoil, the latest teaching techniques and love for the sea will make your experience unique.

Dinghy hire

At the tourist port of Calasetta it will be possible to rent inflatable boats of various sizes that are suitable for both those with a boat licence and those without one.

From our port you can easily reach the coasts of the island of San Pietro, take a tour of Sant’Antioco, or get to Pan di Zucchero.

Let the renter advise you based on the weather conditions.

Other activities in the surroundings

Horse riding tour

Located a few hundred meters from the archaeological area, and very close to the sea, the Carolina Ranch riding school in Sant’Antioco organizes horseback riding excursions that are designed for those who are trying this wonderful activity for the first time.

Riding your horse, you will enjoy the breathtaking views in which our island is rich; you will ride along paths overlooking the splendour of the South West Coast of the Island of Sant’Antioco, and discover a most fascinating and mysterious place: the nuragic village of ” Grutt’i water.”

Carolina Ranch:
+39 348 6553944, +39 347 2981655


The expert guides of the Carolina Ranch will accompany you aboard their quads along amazing paths to discover the most hidden and inaccessible corners of the island of Sant’Antioco, and to admire breathtaking views.

The excursions are suitable for everyone and are also designed for those who have never driven one of these incredible vehicles.
The Quad allows you to take off-road routes that are particularly difficult and bumpy, and sometimes inaccessible and dangerous: quads should therefore only be driven with an expert guide leading the way.

Carolina Ranch:
+39 348 6553944, +39 347 2981655

Boat trips

The Captain of Shatzli II will have you sailing between the beautiful islands of Sant’Antioco and San Pietro, and you will get to know the coasts through the world of sea and sailing, and life on board a ship.

You will have a wonderful time, and possibly even be accompanied by some dolphin friends.Relax, sunbathe and dive into the most beautiful coves of the islands.
Shatzli II offers both a beautiful day trip of about 6 hours with lunch on board, and a trip of about 3 hours at sunset.

Shatzli II Sailing ship
+39 333 3367448


Located in Carloforte, on the Island of San Pietro, Isla Diving has been operating as a diving centre and school since 1996.

In season it is still possible to dive through these clear waters to the Tonnara and witness the ancient ritual of tuna fishing.

We organize diving excursions to depths that are rich in marine life, and offer courses, including for children, from beginner level to DiveMaster.

We also offer various activities for non-divers, such as wonderful, unmissable island tours, snorkelling, and Sea Baptisms for those who want to experience the incredible sensation of breathing with a self-contained breathing apparatus for the first time.


Whether you are a professional equipped with the best latest generation technologies, or a simple enthusiast, here you will daily have opportunity to immortalize beautiful landscapes and unique naturalistic details.

The sunset with its explosion of colours will make for a perfect shot – whether it was taken by a professional or by an amateur.

Fishing Tourism

This opportunity is offered to those who love nature and the sea, who will truly savour the fragrances of this area.

You can watch and participate in the various stages of fishing, from lowering the nets, trolling, pots and longlines into the sea, to hauling them back out again.

You will also be offered a nice lunch of the catch of the day, and during breaks you can immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of the Sant’Antioco island.

During the day there are rubber boat excursions that may result in a close encounter with dolphins.

The excursion usually starts at 10 am and ends between 5 pm and 6 pm.

Pescaturismo I 2 fratelli:
+39 328 2855195
Pescaturismo Nuova Antonina:
+39 329 9612195

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