The Mediterranean Maquis: daughter of the Mediterranean, set among the land, sky and sea of Sardinia

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As soon as you go outside the hotel, and even more so if there is a mistral breeze, you can take in the fragrant air of our coasts: the fragrance emanates from our flora, the famous Mediterranean Maquis.Along the streets that lead to the cliff of Mangiabarche you will come across Lentischi, Corbezzoli, Holm oaks, Dwarf palms, Brooms, Rosemary, Wild fennel, and Myrtle and Cistus plants: these follow one from another, green and luxuriant, splendidly blooming in the spring months. Many of these plants have been used in the kitchen and in the distillery for centuries: they are used for seasoning traditional Sardinian foods and drinks, and to produce fragrant, delicately flavoured honeys.From the berries of the Lentisk we obtain oil used to fry mushrooms from our woods (Pantaleo is the oil best known by the inhabitants of the island). Rosemary lends delicious perfume to grilled fish, pork and white focaccia with oil.The Corbezzolo offers sweet and soft fruits that can be eaten directly off the plant or in the form of honey. Fennel seasons first and second courses of both fish and meat, and, finally, Myrtle is the inseparable “companion” of roast suckling pig (our famous Porceddu).Of our drinks we must mention the myrtle liqueurs, which are of different colours and flavours depending on whether they are made from berry or leaf extract.As you walk, you will hear the typical sounds of the Maquis: the breaking of waves on the rocks a little further on, the sound of the wind in the shrubs, the proud cry of hawks and, probably the cries of hoopoes and turtle-doves. Furthermore, depending on the month, you may hear the chirping of the swallows that nest under our arcades every year ! If you take a night walk, you may come across the reckless gaze of a beautiful barn owl.A tip: bring a camera with you to capture unforgettable moments!

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